Sunday, April 24, 2016

"We do not have blight on the western side of the community." The "lettered" streets are the problem in Lake Worth, you see.

The last time Spring Training baseball was proposed in John Prince Park, back in 2014, a few people in the Residences (note: not the "Residents") of Lake Osborne (ROLO) 'neighborhood' came to City Hall and complained that the City should focus their attention on the "lettered" streets because their neighborhood, ROLO, was perfect just the way it was. You see, there was no blight west of I-95 in Lake Worth. Enjoy the video:
So how does ROLO look these days? Is there any blight at all? Is it perfect just the way it is 2 years after the video above was taken?

A baseball stadium in John Prince Park, we were told, would affect the ROLO 'neighborhood' in a terribly negative way back in 2014 and will also have terrible consequences in 2016 now that the Atlanta Braves are interested in building a training facility in the park.

If you are one of those people who live on a "lettered" street in Lake Worth why don't you take a drive or a bike ride to ROLO and check things out over there. Does it look like a baseball stadium in the County's John Prince Park would destroy ROLO's quality of life?

If you live in that area of the City, west of I-95, the next ROLO meeting is on May 10th. That might be a good time to come out and speak your mind, don't you think? Learn more about ROLO using this link, the handful of people who are claiming to represent you.