Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lake Worth one of the best cities in the country to start a small business. Ranked 135 of 1268 on data aggregation site*

Did Greenfield, CA, make the list? And why, you might be asking yourself, would that city be of interest? Find that out below.

The City of Lake Worth has been rebounding quite well the last few years following the Great Recession. But is the City really 135 out of 1268 or doing better? Maybe not as good as 135? It’s hard to know for sure since most of this data is certainly aggregated using zip codes. Some newspapers like the Post, for example, fall for news like crime data about ‘Lake Worth’ from a real estate sites such as NeighborhoodScout.

If you didn’t know, Lake Worth’s zip codes are 33460 and a part of 33461. However, there are 9  ‘Lake Worth’ zip codes. How could that be? Use this link for a good explanation.

Anyhow, this recent news on the ranking of small cities vis-à-vis small business growth can be found at the South Florida Business Journal. Here is an excerpt:

     “Deerfield Beach and Riviera Beach rank among the best cities for entrepreneurs to start small businesses, according to a WalletHub survey released Monday.
     The personal finance website ranked 1,268 cities based on their business environment, access to resources and businesses costs, and both cities made it in the top 20, with Deerfield Beach at No. 10 and Riviera Beach at No. 18.

So how did other Florida cities do on the list? There are a lot of Florida cities listed. Here are a few you might recognize:
  • Deerfield Beach #10
  • Riviera Beach #18
  • Dania Beach #35
  • Boca Raton #56
  • Boynton Beach #69
  • Greenacres #109
  • Lake Worth #135
  • Jupiter #138
  • Delray Beach #151
  • Palm Beach Gardens #169
  • Royal Palm Beach #297
  • Wellington #318
The city of Greenfield, CA, is not on the list. If you didn’t know, Lake Worth’s former city manager went on to become the city manager in Greenfield after being fired by the City of Lake Worth. Just thought you might be interested.

*A representative at WalletHub requested I provide a link directly to their news article that is referenced below. Here is the link.