Monday, April 3, 2017

Having your own police department is not a deterrent to crime. It takes a community effort to lower the crime rate.

“I grew up here. You used to leave your doors unlocked, never any trouble. It’s a shame what has happened to our little town.”
Quote from this news story in April 2016 following two homicides in Greenfield, CA.

If you didn’t know or just forgot, Susan Stanton, the former city manager for Lake Worth went on to become the city manager in the very small city of Greenfield, CA after being fired back in December 2011. Ms. Stanton had her own police department in Greenfield. You can read more about Stanton and when she tried to end the Lake Worth PBSO contract in 2011 (see link below) when things “came to a head” (an idiom).

The reasons why the Lake Worth PD was disbanded has been explained many times over on this blog. This has to be explained every now and then because there are so many new residents who have no idea what happened in this City back in 2008/2009. Still to this day the historical revisionism continues that tries to gloss over what occurred.

All these years since the LWPD was disbanded a crime will occur in the City of Lake Worth that gets much public attention and, without being stated outright, the underlying message from some quarters is questioning the capability of PBSO and whether we would be better off with our own “charming” police dept.

The debate about keeping PBSO in Lake Worth, for those of you not around at the time, came to head in 2011 when the last attempt was made to end their contract.

Back then the mantra was all about cost savings and very little about public safety. Ms. Stanton got her wish after all to have her own police department. Just this time in Greenfield, CA. You see, having your own PD isn’t the answer to solving crime in a community. It’s much more complex than that.