Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Flashback: Former City Mgr. Susan Stanton and former Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill IN FULL RETREAT

Former Lake Worth Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill is quoted below after the community in Lake Worth rallied to thwart her attempt to end the contract with Sheriff Bradshaw and PBSO:
"Fabulous. They've exceeded our expectations. The Sheriff has done a fantastic job and it's unquestionable that we want them to stay."
This quote is from May 2011. Mulvehill and former City Manager Susan Stanton were instrumental in the failed effort to kick PBSO out of the City of Lake Worth. They even went so far as to commission a study, a flawed one (the Willdan Study), showing how our City would save money by having our own Lake Worth PD. Absurd. There used to be a Lake Worth PD; PBSO came into the City because the former LWPD has lost control of the City to the gangs.

Go to the 8:00 minute mark in the video below for a glimpse of charming Lake Worth prior to PBSO taking over law enforcement in our City:

The video below is the press conference by Mulvehill and Stanton IN FULL RETREAT after the community rallied to keep PBSO in the City. Enjoy:

[At the 6:15 mark I ask Stanton two questions and she dodges both of them.]

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