Monday, March 14, 2016

The leader of EEF!, Peter Tsolkas, comes out in support of his Anarchist candidate on the ballot in Lake Worth

Typically Mr. Tsolkas comes out with some sort of communiqué a few days prior to an election and this time he's chosen Facebook to get the word out. No big surprise, he's supporting a member of his Anarchist group here in the City.
Peter Tsolkas (holding sign) promoting an "uprising". Following an 'uprising' who do you think the Anarchist's propose to lead the county? The Anarchist's, of course.
In the Anarchist News Mr. Peter "Panagioti" Tsolkas had an article published titled, "No System but the Ecosystem: Earth First! and Anarchism by Panagioti Tsolkas". It's a laborious read but here and there are some very interesting elements such as the following (with emphasis added):
     The skills, experience and culture of groups such as EF!, who straddle the line of aboveground and underground action, can play a significant part in creating contexts where things like anti-industrial blockades and office occupations occur in tandem with generalized uprisings, providing inspiration and social space for militant attacks and strategic sabotage to also take place.
Tsolkas' candidate, another Anarchist named Ryan Hartman, is on the ballot in Lake Worth and he has his own set of issues. He advocates the shooting and killing of police and he's since offered a lame apology to the community for this 'charming' comment:
Hartman said it was "the heat of the moment" when he made this and many other inflammatory comments. Fine. If he's elected what about a heated moment at a City Commission meeting?
Hartman, by the way, looks very different these days knocking on doors and you can read about his makeover using this link. Below is what Lake Worth's Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell thinks about all this in a recent mailer he sent to City residents: