Sunday, March 13, 2016

If an Anarchist was on the ballot in Greenacres there would be just as much or more campaign money raised than was in Lake Worth

This article by the Post's Kevin Thompson didn't appear in the print edition today (Sunday, 3/13) so that means it will likely be tomorrow, the day prior to election day. It's an interesting spin he puts on the amount of campaign money raised but this issue wouldn't be an issue if an Anarchist wasn't on the ballot. That's a fact. This campaign season is an anomaly because the Anarchist's created the environment of fear in this City.

Remember the Anarchist's "musical" when they threatened disruptions and an influx of agitators from around the country?
The word 'musical' is a code word that means something very different to Anarchists.
Another flyer handed out in downtown Lake Worth. Very "charming" isn't it?
I think the reporter would agree if an Anarchist was on the ballot in Greenacres, his other city beat, he would be writing almost the same article with different names of politicians. The public in Greenacres would be just as alarmed and upset about their politics being hijacked by someone who hated cops and advocated for them being shot.

Anyhow, in Thompson's article Commissioner Andy Amoroso is quoted and he explains why there is so much interest in Lake Worth politics now, not only in the City but throughout the county as well:
     “You have self-proclaimed anarchists in the race and people aren’t happy with that,” Amoroso said, referring to Ryan Hartman, who is up against Maxwell in the District 1 race. “People are like, “Oh my God, are these people going to run our city?’ ”
And you might want to take a look outside at that pothole. The county, state, and federal government hold most of the pursestrings. If you think any politico with his/her own constituents to answer to will be thrilled about giving Lake Worth money with an Anarchist on the City Commission you're kidding yourself. And that goes for all the infrastructure in this City.

There are people and organizations, like the philanthropic type, that want to help this City. But they're sitting on the sidelines waiting to see how the vote turns out on Tuesday. Cast your vote wisely. Your vote, either way, will have consequences that last for many years: the good kind or the bad kind.