Thursday, March 24, 2016

Update: It's happening soon! Get ready for the new wave of illegal political yard signs in Lake Worth!

The new illegal yard sign! First order was for 500!
Political yard signs without a disclaimer are illegal but that hasn't stopped these red and white signs from littering the City for well over a year now:
There are 2 illegal red and white signs. This is the favorite one. Note the absence of a disclaimer.
The "Hands Off Our Beach" meme has been debunked many times over. These signs created visual pollution and undoubtedly contributed to the public's disgust as was clearly evidenced by what happened on March 15th.

It should also be noted that political yard signs are also illegal when there is no individual or issue on the ballot. But that hasn't stopped many, including many who should know better, from flaunting this City ordinance.

So, in the spirit of noncompliance. . . there's also a green and white sign too!
Read why Lake Worth needs PBSO and one of the biggest reasons it was necessary to disband the City's police department.

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