Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Can Lake Worth ever get its own PD back? And. . . “Hmmm, what if Lantana or Palm Springs had to deal with what Lake Worth went through?”

If Lantana or Palm Springs had to deal with an Anarchist element like Lake Worth had to do the answer is obvious: they would have no option but to have PBSO come in and help. There is no local, small town police department that can deal with what happened in Lake Worth in 2008/2009. And that’s why Lake Worth has PBSO (note: Greenacres recently switched to PBSO also).

It was due in large part to the monkeywrenching (see below) by Everglades EarthFirst! (EEF) of the Lake Worth Police Dept. that made the department ineffective and the neighborhoods so unsafe.

That leads to this question: If Anarchists and their radical allies (affinity groups) for some reason just happened to pack up and go somewhere else could Lake Worth go back to having its own police department (LWPD)? Remember, it was the radical group EEF that took advantage of and caused so much havoc for the then-City police department. Those efforts (such as having officers racing to fake crime calls back and forth across town) undermined the already overworked LWPD making them ineffective dealing with other problems, like the gang violence in the City back then.

Understand that EEF has been in retreat for some time now and is a small and ever-dwindling organization, but they remain very active trying to destabilize neighborhoods in District One and other small areas in District Two also. So, while you’re pondering the last question if Lake Worth could go back to having its own police department. . .
Everglades EarthFirst! (EEF) is an Anarchist group with their headquarters in Lake Worth, FL. They have connections with anti-government groups worldwide.
“Direct Action Training” at the Quaker Meeting House. How fair is it that a little city like Lake Worth got drawn into all this?
“Looks like today won't be business 
as usual”
“It crushed them all to blood. But some had the opportunity to squeal.”
A Lake Worth Anarchist holding a sign at a protest in the City. So very charming, isn’t it?