Thursday, March 3, 2016

Don't Get Angry! Just know the Anarchist candidate is still fanning the flames of dis- and misinformation in Lake Worth

Lake Worth Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell is being challenged by the Anarchist Ryan Hartman. Hartman erroneously reported a PBSO incident on January 28th and that a Black man was shot and killed: THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. No one was shot. No one was killed. PBSO showed up on the scene and after it was all over no one was hurt or injured in any way.

Even the perennially worst news source of all, CBS12/WPEC, got the news right.
The rumor by Hartman that a man was shot and killed IS NOT TRUE.
The upshot (pardon the pun) is be careful where you get your information from. If Hartman is going to fan the flames of hysteria and create false rumors about something as serious as a shooting and someone getting killed, what will he do as an elected City official representing you and your family?

The most important thing is: Do Not Get Angry!  Just chuckle and go about your day. And if you happen to see a 'musical' about to begin here is what you do:
To learn more about Lake Worth's PBSO District 14 use this link.