Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The little City of Lake Worth is not alone dealing with false news reports in Palm Beach County

Loxahatchee Groves is a town in Florida of approximately 12 square miles. The good folks at Palms West Press have also taken on the lazy media for their inaccurate reporting:
This is very heartening to see and more people need to get involved. The City of Lake Worth has been treated terribly, especially by the TV news, when it comes to municipal borders. If you didn't know "Lake Worth" has 9 Zip Codes but only two are the City of Lake Worth: 33460 and a part of 33461.

By far, ABC25/WPBF is the worst offender when it comes reporting actual locations in their news reports followed closely behind by CBS12/WPEC. The news station NBC5/WPTV has made great strides taking the time and effort to get it right; also, in many instances they've corrected their news reports when they were given the correct information.

If more people get involved this can be fixed and the reporters/assignment editors will learn to do their jobs. Or, as has been suggested, all the major news outlets will join together and create an ombudsman to police themselves—or. . .the county will step in and do that work for them.