Thursday, July 30, 2015

CBS12/WPEC, Lauren Hills, Greg Angel and more reasons for changing name of City of Lake Worth

Once again changing the name of Lake Worth is being talked about. You can read about that here.

Last night a 'Lake Worth' accident appeared on Twitter near the Lake Worth Drive In which is located in Palm Springs. Lauren Hills did the news segment and the police are looking for witnesses in 'Lake Worth' according to her. If her report accurately stated Palm Springs that would narrow down the target audience and get more people talking in that city, possibly. Below are a few Tweets from myself and Greg Angel who Tweeted out the news:

At one point I suggested that CBS12 just make it official policy that anything on or near Lake Worth Rd just be reported as 'Lake Worth'. That would make it easier and save the 30 seconds or so needed to verify the actual location.

Below, once again, is a map of the City of Lake Worth. Let's make it easy for the folks at CBS12: if you're west of Lake Osborne you're most definitely not in Lake Worth. How's that?
The City of Lake Worth.

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