Monday, January 18, 2016

The biggest man in Lake Worth who is also the shortest, Mr. Greg Rice, has an assignment for you

Greg Rice posted this on Facebook a short while ago about a poll on the best beach in Palm Beach County:
There’s only been 148 readers vote so far, as of Monday morning at 11:09 AM, but in the Palm Beach Post they’re doing a readers poll. The Best Beaches in PB County, and LAKE WORTH MUNICIPAL BEACH has the most votes right now. Want to chime-in for your favorite beach follow this link. And please, let’s keep politics out of this discussion. No one is going to take the Lake Worth Beach away regardless of what some say. So grab some sunscreen, your towel and sunglasses and let’s go to the beach!
And, no, there truly isn't a boogeyman out there who has plans to steal the BEACH: