Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ryan Hartman's recent, very confusing, and twisted trail of self-discovery: 'Who Am I and Why Am I Here'

I am very confused and a lot of other people are as well. I attended a community meeting last night (1/20) organized for those interested to learn more about the candidates (Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell and Ryan Hartman) in District One and discovered that Ryan Hartman is now an "Anarcho-Realist". Many Anarcho-Realists will be unhappy to find out that Mr. Hartman was a member at a protest that disabled a van by removing the battery and throwing into a lake. Many 'realists' will find that news unreal but it's true. He recently went to trial over that stunt.
Before becoming a candidate the Anarchist took on a more Hipster look and changed his appearance considerably. Definitely not the wardrobe the average Anarchist would use. Most Anarchists get their clothes at World Thrift and I do as well. It's a great store with a wide selection of items at reasonable prices.

As you can see in this video from last night he's taken on quite the mainstream Millennial SalesRep-style that will not offend anyone. Mr. Hartman is trying to distance himself as far as he can from his Anarchist friends.

I asked a question of Mr. Hartman about conflict resolution and I'll write about that later on in the week. I forgot the one I had thought of previously that is very important: "What is your position on the upcoming trouble-making the Anarchists have planned for this February?" And one more: "Would he encourage the use of buckets instead of modern and healthy toilet facilities?" 
Look closely at the written instructions on how and when to empty the bucket containing human waste. And do you think it would be a good idea for Mr. Hartman to take a ride-along with a PBSO deputy in February to spot any public disruption(s)?