Thursday, January 28, 2016

In this week's Lake Worth Herald: Loretta Sharpe, November 4th, 1938–January 26th, 2016

'Pelican Pete' at The Lake Worth Herald has this to say: "The perch is a little lonelier these days as we say goodbye to our good friend Loretta" and then this:
She brightened the way with her sunny ways
She sought to keep Lake Worth on track.
Her guidance drove many Commissioners to make the right decisions.
So long my friend, flight will be a little lonelier without you
Two excerpts from the front page of the Herald:

"We Friends and Neighbors across the City of Lake Worth were saddened to learn that Loretta Sharpe passed peacefully from our midst at 5:30 AM, Wednesday, January 26, 2016. Loretta was born on November 4, 1938 and hailed from South Portland, Maine. No one knows how much of her legendary feistiness, uninhibited temperament and fierce loyalty were imbued in her character by the geography and culture of her New England childhood home. But what everyone who ever met and admired this woman knew without doubt, Loretta elevated those qualities to an art form and brought them all to Lake Worth when she settled here almost three decades ago."

[and. . .]

"Few knew the back stories and the histories of our Lake Worth as she did. Fewer still so completely embodied the spirit of Winston Churchill’s famous quote, “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you will see.” Loretta knew well the roads we traveled and the sometimes chaotic routes we took to get where we are, but her transmission had no reverse gears."

The arrangements will be posted when available on this blog.