Friday, January 22, 2016

[Update] Good Luck, Jupiter, and hope you work things out and everyone becomes happy once again

 [Update: Everyone in Palm Beach County, including all your friends in Lake Worth, wish the people of Jupiter the best. However, if the latest news is any indication, they're not going to find a solution any time soon to solve their pressing issue of the day. Here is the latest from Bill DiPaolo, "Harbourside’s war of words escalates with memo, newspaper ad":]

Anyone familiar with Lake Worth knows a lot of people have moved away and been replaced by new residents. It's nearly impossible to find a house to buy in the City for many who are looking to live here. So where did all the former Lake Worth residents go? From the looks of it many of them have moved to Jupiter. It's still "dysfunction junction" here in Lake Worth (things have gotten much better) but when the City arrives at a point where it HAS to make a decision they manage, somehow, to trip or stumble in the right direction.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. It's all very entertaining here and that's part of the reason this blog continues to remain so popular. Anyhow, I drove up to Jupiter during the construction of Harbourside and it was an impressive tour I took of the facility, not yet open:
Since Harbourside opened there have been a few hiccups you might say. They can't have music outside any more and there is another issue that's popped up in another part of town. Bill DiPaolo, the Post's reporter in Jupiter, has job security.

Dear fellow Palm Beach County municipal friend, Jupiter, there's nothing I can do to help you through your vexing issues of the day except this: Try just sitting back and enjoy the show. It's not going to last forever and some day you might wish you had more entertainment and distractions going on to liven things up a little.

It's a guilty pleasure when the focus is off Lake Worth and aimed like a laser beam at one of our more affluent cities. Some of you in Jupiter might be upset you can't listen to music outside at Harbourside but here in Lake Worth we have one of the most iconic and historic hotels in the country and two of our commissioners and a few City residents want to tear it down.

So, to all the good people in Jupiter, I can feel your pain. And good luck solving your issues of the day. And please hope and pray your neighbor to the south, Lake Worth, can muster the courage and effort to save one more of Palm Beach County's historical treasures: the Gulf Stream hotel.