Monday, January 25, 2016

A really funny thing happened last night (1/24) vis-à-vis CBS12/WPEC and their weather crew

Last night (Sunday, 1/24) was kicking back and watching "60 Minutes". I'm not sure exactly what time that screen crawl (SC) began on CBS12/WPEC but when it first appeared I took notice. Here is the news that WPEC had for their viewers:
From the CBS12 Stormtrac Weather Center. . .a Frost Advisory effective until 8:00 AM Monday for Okeechobee County. . .Send your pics and videos to Stay with CBS12 News for continuing weather coverage on air and on
The above information in the SC is exactly as it appeared because I had a lot of time to proof it and make sure. A real lot of time. I'm doing other things like corresponding with people, giving my dogs treats, and listening to the stories on 60 Minutes but every time I looked at the screen there it was: That SC. Again. And again. And again.

Obviously somebody had made a mistake. It was an innocent mistake. They put the SC up and forgot to take it down. Maybe they got distracted playing "Angry Birds" or something. So I decided to help out and let them know by sending a Tweet to a few people at CBS12 who would be interested in taking care of this. No response.

And the SC continued and continued. Then I thought that maybe CBS12's competition might be interested and sent a Tweet to some people at NBC5/WPTV. It's probably a coincidence but right about then the SC went away only to come back up again around 9:00! About that time I started getting a whole lot of Tweets from some people at NBC5 who were having fun with this like I was. I wasn't planning on watching a comedy play out but there it was: That SC kept going and going like the Energizer Bunny.

I'm not sure what counties CBS12 covers but if it's Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Martin, and Okeechobee by my calculation that's about 2 million people and about 40,000 of that total (about 2%) is the population of Okeechobee County. With the football game and all the other options for TV viewers how many were watching 60 Minutes in Okeechobee County? Who knows. It could be a thousand people or just five. And I'm certain all those viewers in Okeechobee County were just as entertained by that SC as well.

Anyhow, at some point I lost interest or changed channels. I don't remember which but when I checked back around 10:00 or so the SC was finally gone for good.

The irony is that the weather reporter at NBC5/WPTV, James Wieland, said that the "Frost Advisory" reported by CBS12 was actually just a "patchy frost advisory" So now you know why when I want to know what the weather is going to be I turn to WPTV and so should you.