Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Banner Day for The Palm Beach Post! And is the Editorial Board FINALLY giving it up for good? It would help those circulation numbers

In one of the more hopeful signs for Palm Beach County, the editorial board at The Palm Beach Post is now farming out their opinions. Now instead of focusing on manipulating local elections and other trouble-making the newspaper can finally get back to its true mission after 100 years and think many of their readers would be on board with that sentiment. In the Post today the editorial is from the Tampa Tribune which is not to be confused with the Tampa Bay Times, a newspaper which has won 10 Pulitzer prizes.

And Lake Worth makes it on the Front Page! How cool is that!
The little City of Lake Worth makes it on the front page, above the fold.
Another hopeful sign is a Letter to the Editor published today (1/19) by a Lake Worth resident. The letter published makes the case once again for the Gulf Stream hotel project and the City's Park of Commerce. Urban sprawl into western Palm Beach County is a concern for everyone and many people think future development should be concentrated along the I-95 corridor and east towards the coast. It's good to see more support for that position.

Things fall apart in the B (Local) section though. Our local beat reporter for Lake Worth still thinks that Palm Beach State College is in the City. It's not. Eliot Kleinberg, another reporter at the Post is aware of that fact:
Palm Beach State’s Martin Luther King, Jr. event, at its main campus west of Lake Worth, is free and open to the public.
All in all, on Monday's Martin Luther King Day in Lake Worth and throughout Palm Beach County the message was one of unity and peace. Dr. King would be proud of all of us.

Here is a wonderful news segment from NBC5/WPTV: