Thursday, January 28, 2016

Progress continues on bringing new life and re-uses to historic Sebring 1920s era hotels

Click here for link to an article about three historic hotels in Sebring, Florida that are about to be rehabilitated. All were built in the 1920s and one is owned by the city. Unfortunately, none of the three will be put in operation as hotels. The one that the city owns will be converted to an assisted living facility. Here is more on the status of that former hotel, from the article:
     City Administrator Scott Noethlich said everything appears to be “positive” regarding the city’s sale of Harder Hall. He said South Florida Senior Living either has to finalize the purchase of Harder Hall by around Jan. 25 or face losing a $50,000 deposit to the city of Sebring.
     Representatives of South Florida Senior Living have said the plans are to convert the hotel into an independent living facility for seniors. Ultimately, it also may have an assisted living component. A possible second phase could include some retail that would serve the residents.
     Harder Hall, which is named after its developers, was a hotel that attracted some well-known people over the years. But it’s been vacant and deteriorating since the 1980s.
Unfortunately, vacancy and deterioration are a common condition for many hotels built in the 1920s era that do survive. In the past having the Gulf Stream hotel converted into an assisted living facility has been talked about and considered. I think we can all agree that operating a first class hotel operation would be better for Lake Worth than an assisted living facility.

It appears that the other two historic hotels in Sebring are being converted to apartments. All three are smaller properties than the Gulf Stream hotel here in Lake Worth.

Here is one of my favorite post cards from the collection that were recovered or donated: