Thursday, December 17, 2015

Lake Worth Municipal Pool Update

During my visit to the Lake Worth pool today, I bought my second $60 pool pass good for 20 visits ($1 off resident rate). Below is what they look like. The number on mine today said "51", so they are selling at a pretty good rate.
Just hand the cashier cash or a check made out to the City of Lake Worth for $60 and ask for a pass.
While in the water I spotted two guys taking down the old light on the locker room building. Turns out the city is replacing them with better lights, mounted higher. Right now the swim teams use the pool some evenings and it is dark for them. That addresses that issue but it also opens up the possibility of groups renting out the pool, like neighborhood associations etc, for events in the evening! I asked Juan Ruiz if this meant the pool would be open to the public during evening hours and he said that when they hire a new pool manager, it would depend (deep end, get it?) on what they wanted to do with the hours. So there IS a possibility. He also said that he was ordering a new clock for the pool to replace the one that broke. Soon we won't have to ask the lifeguards what time it is.

He also said that there is a commitment to maintain the pool building and the pool now as a going concern. That's some good news all the way around.