Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lake Worth mentioned TWICE in the Post in pitch about the homelessness in southern Palm Beach County

The City of Lake Worth gets special treatment in this article in today's (12/6) Sunday paper, front page, above the fold.
In the blog post following this one is more about the homeless in Lake Worth and reference the article in today's print edition that was available on-line yesterday. I warned everyone not to get too excited after the Post's editorial on Friday and now you know what I'm talking about. Once the Post giveth it's not long before they taketh away.

Briefly, the City of Lake Worth has far too many sober homes which I address in the blog post following this one. In the Post article Lake Worth's city manager addresses this:
And, as I've also addressed previously, delivered from parts unknown there have been sightings of homeless people being dropped off at Bryant Park. The City of Lake Worth is doing everything it can but there are constraints: laws, finding the resources, and 'gotcha' politics here in the City are just a few. Without further ado below are two videos on 'gotcha' politics. Pay particular attention to what the nice gentleman says starting at the 1:00 mark:
And below former Commissioner Joann Golden starts off with high praise for the work West Palm Beach is doing to solve homelessness but at the 1:20 mark she goes off the rails and says that residents in Lake Worth would "take out guns and get rid of 'em". The Post article would seem to indicate that is not happening.
If you're homeless in Lake Worth you might want to consider another city. Here in this City, for some people and their agenda, you're a political tool and more valuable without a home and living on the streets.