Monday, November 2, 2015

One of many ways code enforcement has improved neighborhoods in the City of Lake Worth: The Tropical Ridge example

Every now and then there will be a feeble attempt at revisionism concerning code enforcement in Lake Worth from 4 years ago and prior—an effort that falls flat when the facts are presented. The department was gutted by a previous city manager and the City's neighborhoods suffered as a result. 

It's taken a huge effort by many to improve the code department and the City is getting the word out to the community via their Worth Noting newsletter. Below is another example how much things have improved, a video of the president of the Tropical Ridge Neighborhood Assoc. before the City Commission on October 20th. 

There are three parts of this 8:00 minute video you should pay particular attention to:
  • 1:303:00: Community crime watch in Tropical Ridge and assignment of block captains; teaming up with City's code enforcement.
  • 4:156:00: A clever way to teach the community how the City's bulk trash pickup works; partnership with PBSO to help resolve issues.
  • 7:10 to end: Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell is impressed with the creative ways Tropical Ridge has gone about solving problems.
This is all good news that the local media, for the most part, isn't interested in reporting. Share this link with your friends and neighbors (copy & paste into an email).