Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Everglades EarthFirst! Rally TOMORROW in West Palm and the Post's Linda Santacruz article from Nov. 7, 2014

Below is the FlockNote that I received on Monday about this rally:
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Here is a blog post from Tuesday (11/3) with some history on how we got here. This story can't be told without mentioning that "battery in the lake". What began as a protest to get people thinking ended up having everyone scratching their heads instead.
Here is an excerpt from Linda Santacruz, The Palm Beach Post reporter on the scene that chilly day last year: 
     The protesters were activists with Everglades Earth First, demonstrating against The Kolter Group development taking place in Palm Beach Gardens’ Briger Forest. Two women chained themselves to a disabled vehicle that blocked the site’s construction entrance and, unintentionally, the school’s access road.
     The two women stood on either side of the van, reaching through the broken windows with their wrists chained together, police said. A pipe was placed over their arms to prevent authorities from cutting the chain.
     The protesters also removed the van’s battery and dumped it in a nearby lake. It was later recovered to prevent any chemical spills, police said. [emphasis added]
[And about the school that was forced to close. . .]
     Head of school for The Meyer Academy, Nammie Ichilov, said he canceled school to not scare the children. Protesters apologized, saying they meant to solely target the forest.
     “We’re sorry to the parents, the kids and the workers that were affected today,” said protester Tuesday Gilliam of Lake Worth. 
This protest, along with all the others ended up a moot point. The Alton Tract, formerly known as the 'Briger Forest' was approved for development by the Palm Beach Gardens city commission.