Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Latest Newsletter from the City of Lake Worth: Legislative Priorities in 2016

To sign up for the City's Newsletter use this link. Below is information from the latest Newsletter about the legislative priorities for next year in the Florida Legislature:
     Public safety, roads, sidewalks, water, sewer—basic infrastructure—are all in the purview of government. And all play into the needs of a healthy economy that creates jobs. Although Lake Worth has seen property values rise in the past year, the City simply cannot afford to invest in all of the infrastructure improvements that are necessary within the City.
     Each year during the State of Florida Legislative Session, counties & municipalities have the opportunity to request dollars—based upon specific criteria—and bring them back “home”. It isn’t an easy task to qualify for funding with every county and city competing for a limited amount of tax payer dollars.
     Projects must be well thought out, with plans completely designed by engineers and shovel-ready. Other factors play into the decision process: does the project enhance public safety; improve the physical environment; or enable job creation?
Lake Worth has two projects that are shovel-ready and in need of state funding:
  • Boutwell Road Infrastructure Improvements (Lake Worth Park of Commerce
  • School Safe Access & Water Infrastructure Improvements (fire hydrants, street resurfacing, and sidewalks)
More on the Lake Worth Park of Commerce:
What makes the Park of Commerce project unique is that it has buy-in from a local, county, regional and national level. “This is infrastructure needed for critical job creation,” said Richard Pinsky, who works on behalf of the City of Lake Worth. “This will absolutely increase Lake Worth’s tax base, economy, bring more jobs, and help with the housing situation.”
The two sponsoring this legislation are Representative Bill Hager and Senator Jeff Clemens. You might recall the video below of Senator Jeff Clemens (beginning at the 3:35 mark) on the unfortunate results at the last legislative session. Hopefully we'll get better news next year.