Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lake Worth City Manager Michael Bornstein says: "Don't ask the question, 'what is possible' in this city"

The video below is more on the City's failed Casino complex/pool at the beach. Focus on what the city manager says starting at the 2:00 mark:
"Somehow just asking the question is taboo and I think that's what I keep hearing from people. Don't ask the question, "what is possible" in this city [Lake Worth]. Don't ask the question about what is possible, be it the beach, be it the road infrastructure. . ."—City Manager Michael Bornstein

In order to solve problems there are questions that need to be asked. In Lake Worth, though, there's a cabal of thought-police that jump into action when anyone begins to ask questions and they try to shut down the debate. That's getting harder to do in this City as more people question how and why the Casino complex was bungled so badly.

If, as the city manager suggests, you need to find out what is possible at Lake Worth's Casino and pool then that would necessarily lead to questions about how we got into this dilemma in the first place. And those are questions former city commissioners don't want asked. Why?
And did you know the City has fallen far behind in the loan payments and is relying nearly entirely on parking revenue to keep the Casino afloat? It's true.
The City's Casino complex is no longer "failing". It's now a confirmed business failure.