Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Get natural gas service for your home in Lake Worth—Protect yourself from the "Cash Cow" that self-serving politicians want access to

[This is a reminder: Protect your family and your biggest investment, your home, and Call Florida Public Utilities at 800-427-7712 today.]

For several years now the City has been weaning itself off the "Cash Cow": the Electric Utility. In past city commissions electric rates were increased to fund City operations and to this day two sitting Lake Worth city commissioners still want at that Cash Cow, in effect reaching into your family's budget for more of your money:
Commissioners Maier and McVoy tried to raise electric rates to fix all the problems at the Casino complex. Their pitch failed this time but they're not done trying.
This latest pitch by McVoy and Maier to raise your electric rates failed but all that can change after any city election. So, what can you do to protect yourself from that political football, the City's Electric Utility. . .the Cash Cow some politicians enjoy access to for their wish list? Get clean, affordable, stable and reliable natural gas. With natural gas your family's budget and finances aren't as subject to the political whims paid for with a spike in your electric utility bill. 

Here is how you do it: Contact Florida Public Utilities to get more information on how to hook up your home to natural gas (more helpful information and a phone number is below). Other than the politics, what other benefits are there to switching to natural gas for many of your household necessities like cooking, hot water, and drying clothes? Here are some examples:
  • Natural Gas is Green: Natural gas is cleaner than petroleum-based fuels and emits far less chemicals associated with acid rain, smog and greenhouse emissions
  • Natural Gas is EfficientNatural gas reaches your home directly at more than three times the efficiency of non-gas energy
  • Natural Gas is EconomicalNatural gas appliances cost up to half as much to operate than their non-gas counterparts
  • Natural Gas is ReliableNatural gas is delivered to your home via an underground pipeline and provides nearly 100% reliable service
  • Natural Gas is DomesticOver 97% of the natural gas used in the United States is produced in North America (approximately 84% is domestically produced while the remaining 13% comes from Canada)
Call Florida Public Utilities at 800-427-7712 or send them an email. If you wish, you can also follow them on Twitter:
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