Tuesday, July 5, 2016

SPACE AVAILABLE in Lake Worth with ocean view: Perfect for artist types or museum collection

[UPDATE: The "Space Available" is, well, still available.]

LAKE WORTH, FLApproximately 5,000 square feet, second floor location. Newly 'renovated' landmark building. Not historic but meant to look that way. Finish space to your liking. Flexible rent and terms, plans range from 20- to 50-year amortizations, possible balloon payment at end of lease. Lease no longer than 19 years and 364 days. Free water after rains; encouraged to create your own rain harvesting device for sustainability. Air conditioning optional and plenty of doors that open for ventilation; the ones that are still operational. Watch out for high seasonal winds! 

Parking slightly inconvenient, bread crumbs can be used to lead visitors back to their vehicles. Elevator building! Mystery pool nearby, fenced off from building, people can be seen using it, but how to get in? Over time you'll figure out the design and create maps. Check moon phase chart and sundial for hours of operation. All loading and unloading of vehicles outside of building in front of tourists eating; SO MAKE IT QUICK. Sometimes noisy parties next door. Ear plugs not included in lease. Bathrooms outside and to the right. Great space for creative person to make their own! Proposals accepted 24/7/365.

Other things to consider:
  • Check with your insurance carrier. Building operating under temporary certificate of occupancy.
  • Blenders of any kind ARE PROHIBITED (will blow electric circuits).
  • No one else wants this space. Little competition.
  • Prepare for extended negotiations; might go late into the evening for months on end.
  • All communications between lessor and lessee public information. 
  • Prepare for uninvited visits from many, no question is off-limits. Can be personal in nature.
  • Preference given to "Mother Teresa" types, vegetarians, those with a lengthy history protesting FPL, and of course the lovers of turtles (who isn't!).
  • Brokers and anyone elsenot protected.
  • Best way to respond to advertisement: smoke signals.
  • Owner of space NOT RESPONSIBLE for water damage; please have access to pallets, waders, and flotation devices.
Good luck!


Mgr., World-Class SK Juggling said...

Curious sir, how high are the ceilings? Have a South Korean Juggling team looking for a space to use for a year. And do you have any small cottages for rent nearby? Will check back later on for your answer. Thank you.

Wes Blackman said...

You're in luck! The ceiling isn't finished, however there may be obstacles in the way of a clear span from the floor to bottom of the roof. Might be ideal to practice precision juggling. Fiberglass domes, open from the bottom might provide opportunities for obtuse angle juggling. DO NOT REMOVE DOMES TO TAKE SHOW ON THE ROAD. Facsimiles of the dome could be made for that purpose.

Just Sayin' said...

Since Joann Golden, Cara Jennings and Ryan Mayer are so hellbent on aiding the homeless why not propose the second floor of the casino a homeless shelter?
-it's empty
-provides shelter
-has toilets and a pool for washing clothes
-work w/ Mulligans & Benny's for leftover food
-won't have all the crummy homeless scaring kids in city parks
-and there is the beach for relaxation
-how much do cots and blankets cost?
Sounds like a win/win to me

lwlbulldog said...

Nice satire!!!!!!! Everybody needs to keep feeding the Post reporter every story about puppets they can find. Keep distracting him so he can’t screw up everything city’s trying to get done.

Anonymous said...

We were there twice this weekend, enjoyed every minute. Don't understand the haters.

Richard said...

Cute post. Large helping of snark but short on anything constructive. But, heh, the fans love it.

Anonymous said...

The 2nd floor space over Mulligan’s can’t be leased due to liability and not until water draining and other problems are fixed if that makes economic sense to do. Over time more problems will come up. After all is said and done don’t be surprised to hear talk of a tear down and new construction.