Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Videos to be posted later of Lake Worth city commission meeting last night here on this blog

Here is the Kevin Thompson article that appeared today in the print edition. The videos to be posted later on will be very illustrative. Here is some of what you'll be treated to:
  • The homeless 'advocates' continue their political grandstanding using the homeless as pawns 
  • "Who Shot JR?"—Peter Timm's replacement at city commission meetings has been assigned
  • Vice-Mayor Scott Maxwell fought and won to stop an increase in parking rates
  • Commissioners McVoy and Maier are determined to raise electric rates; they lost in last nights vote but are determined to get the rates raised in the City
  • Property values are increasing allowing City workers to get their only raise in pay in eight years.
Check back later today and more videos during the rest of the week.