Friday, September 18, 2015

Memorial at mass grave for victims of the Storm of '28—TOMORROW (9/19) at 25th & Tamarind Streets

[The Post's Eliot Kleinberg wrote the definitive book about this terrible storm called, Black Cloud: The Great Hurricane of 1928]
Bring your friends, family, blankets, and lawn chairs and join us as we listen to Gospel Music on the Green. There will be a small exhibit with pictures and descriptions on what happened before and after the storm. There will also be an informational booth with fans, roses for the memorial service, and information on the West Palm Beach CRA

Light picnic food will be available with refreshments. 

11 am12:30 pm Gospel Music 
12:30 pm1:00 pm Memorial Service 
• Storm of ’28 Coalition will take the stage to share their mission and why we must never forget the what happened on that Sunday September 16, 1928 
• Moment of silence 
• Ask crowd to lay roses on the mass grave 
1:00pm2:00pm Gospel Music