Sunday, September 13, 2015

How Big is 'Big Sugar' in Palm Beach County? Really, really Big

Christine Stapleton at the Post has some numbers that might surprise you. Here is an excerpt:
     Palm Beach County agriculture continues to be a powerful economic engine [emphasis added] and ranks first in the state in its total value of crops, livestock, forestry and fisheries at more than $1 billion, a newly released University of Florida report found.
     At $1.356 billion in output for those sectors, Palm Beach County ranked highest in the state, almost double the next largest county, Miami-Dade, at $783 million, said Alan Hodges, a scientist with the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension.
     Palm Beach County’s sugarcane industry accounted for more than $511 million, and vegetable farming totaled $386 million in direct industry output, the report states. Support activities for agriculture and forestry totaled $225 million, and plant nursery production made up the next largest sector, at $163 million.
Now you know why they call the sugar industry "Big Sugar".