Sunday, September 13, 2015

Go Spartans! Go Green! Go White!. . .and the side entertainment during last night's awesome football game

Last night (9/12) saw this Tweet and had an entertaining time during a lull in the action. (Note: the Twitter account below IS NOT an official [government] county alert service; the image used can be confusing to the public):
The location given is incorrect; it should read "SUBURBAN LAKE WORTH". Fortunately no one was seriously injured when they somehow drove into a canal off Congress Ave. That is very good news. But then CBS12/WPTV got caught up in all the action; here is how I responded to them:

Many in the media and those such as "PBC Breaking News" are fixated on Zip Codes. What they don't understand is how small the City of Lake Worth is: it's only 6 square miles! Here is a map of the City:
Note Lake Osborne to the left of the big "W". If you are west of Lake Osborne you are highly likely NOT in the City of Lake Worth. The vast area out west is accurately called "Suburban" Lake Worth.
Read here why using Zip Codes is meaningless. Here is the primer for the news media on what is, and what is not, Lake Worth. 

I hope this information helps.

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