Monday, September 14, 2015

Do you support Uber in Palm Beach County? Then get ready to make your voice heard

Things are heating up between government, Uber (and other ride-sharing services), and the taxi companies that don't want the competition. Governor Scott has signaled his support for Uber and also would like more standard rules statewide. Here is an excerpt from Eliot Kleinberg's article, titled "Uber fight growing fast and furious in Florida":
     Developments in the battle over regulating new, freelance-based ride-for-hire companies in Florida are coming fast and furious this month. [emphasis added]
     Taxi companies from Broward County and Tallahassee twice sued the state over its handling of Uber and Lyft last week, while Gov. Rick Scott went on record Wednesday as agreeing with several South Florida legislators that uniform statewide rules are needed.
     Meanwhile, the Broward County Commission is set to vote Thursday on its new law regulating such companies, which use smart-phone apps to allow passengers to connect with their freelance drivers. The Palm Beach County Commission is scheduled to vote on its similar new law on Sept. 22.
Read about my recent ride to the airport (PBIA) using Uber.

This comment left (by mrtnjms45) on the article by Kleinberg sums it up nicely:
     If the taxi companies had policed their own industry and not provided smelly, nasty cabs that you feel like you are taking your life in your hands riding in and also were somewhat reliable in showing up when called they would never have had competition like this.
     The time has been long past for cab companies to do something about this. Government does not need to create a wall to Uber, Lyft or anyone else that wants to enter this market.
     Finally, I have to say also that being picked up in a brand new (or nearly new) Mercedes or Range Rover and being provided a safe, secure trasnportation [sic] for half the cost of a cab has been soooo nice lately.
Right on.