Saturday, September 19, 2015

Shantel Middleton & Jason Hackett: Only reporters to get location of "Lake Worth" shooting correct (which didn't happen in Lake Worth)

Here is Shantel Middleton's bio at the CBS12/WPEC website. This is an excerpt:
Award-winning Anchor/Reporter Shantel Middleton worked in both North and South Carolina; Washington, DC; the Caribbean Island of Saint Thomas, New York City, and Illinois before joining CBS 12 News.
Here is the Tweet she sent out yesterday accurately identifying the correct location of this incident; she was the only one in the media to get it correct from the outset:
Even The Palm Beach Post got it initially wrong but they corrected it later:
Jason Hackett at NBC5/WPTV got the news correct which is the norm for him and his crew. Kudos to NBC5.

Of course, no surprise here, Chris Emma at ABC25/WPBF got the news wrong. But they're consistent at WPBF; they never correctly specify incidents happening in 'suburban' Lake Worth. It's always "Lake Worth" to them whether it's the City or not. I've made it easy for them: "if you are west of Lake Osborne chances are you are not in the City"; even that easy to remember rule is lost on them.

All our hearts go out to the victim and we all hope he recovers from his wounds and the perpetrator is apprehended.