Sunday, August 2, 2015

Former Lake Worth Comm. Suzanne Mulvehill and her PAC wins big: opens door for selling Ag Reserve land to developers

Then-Commissioner Mulvehill (seated, center) with gathered friends and supporters at her last commission meeting in October 2012. Former Commissioner Cara Jennings was there (back row, left side with Annabeth Karson and JoAnn Golden) and present Commissioner Chris McVoy (beaming man in white shirt).
Below is a photoshop by Tom McGow of Mulvehill in May, 2010:
This is a classic photoshop of Suzanne Mulvehill by Tom McGow in May, 2010. Back then she was a strident environmentalist and proponent of community gardens in Lake Worth. 
It's hard to believe that former Lake Worth Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill, the champion of resiliency, sustainability, anti-development, etc. while a city commissioner in Lake Worth is now Chair of the Forced to Farm PAC that is organized to sell off land in the Ag Reserve. It's news like this that makes my head hurt.

Drew Martin and the Sierra Club, from the looks of it thus far, are one of the big losers in this battle. (Wayne Washington at the Post has this article on the subject.)
Here is the Forced to Farm website. When you go through the site you learn there are many misconceptions about the Ag Reserve, like this one:
You might remember Suzanne Mulvehill from when she worked to "save" the Lake Worth Casino building which was 94% demolished.