Friday, August 7, 2015

Brian Kirsch from the Gray Mockingbird Community Garden (GMCC) sent me a letter. . .

First off, Brian Kirsch makes a significant error at the outset of his letter: in the blog post he refers to on 8/5, the GMCC was never mentioned specifically. The post included A PICTURE of a community garden and someone identified it as being of the GMCC. The reason for including the picture, and I've received many over the past few months, was to demonstrate a position taken by a city commissioner that was, well. . .let's just leave it at that.

Here is an excerpt from the letter by Brian Kirsch:
     A friend of mine brought to my attention your blog post about the Gray Mockingbird Community Garden being a community “eyesore”. I thank you for the feedback of the garden…and I am NOT being sarcastic when I say that. I accept REAL feedback and work so that we may be a light for the city of Lake Worth. Part of my vision is that more people are able to work with each other and accept feedback. Accept feedback and give feedback to hold each other at higher standards. We will find even our best can get better.
     Since the picture was taken, half of the back garden area has been weeded by volunteers from the YMCA. The cardboard was placed by 4 children and one of the children’s mother. Then the Mission Life group, working through Palm Beach Atlantic University covered the cardboard (which is the walkways) with mulch and placed black plastic in the growing areas. Students from FAU came out last week to learn about sustainability while at the same time the Mission Life group dug a trench for new irrigation.
[and. . .]
     If you would like to post all or part of this letter in response to your blogpost, be my guest. I would at the same time like to post it on some of the social media pages so that people can learn by example that FEEDBACK is NOT a bad thing. Feedback allows us all to make our best even better!
     I would like to follow up this letter with a telephone call. My number is 561.246.0148 Thank You 
Brian Kirsch
The GMCC is located on the grounds of the Scottish Rite Masonic Center at 2000 North 'D' St in Lake Worth; you'll see a very large, white structure surrounded by a high fence and gates. Enter through the west gate (the gate on 'D' St). Here is the GMCC Facebook page. If you can spare the time give Brian a call to see how you can help out.