Monday, July 6, 2015

[UPDATE] Who is monkeywrenching (hijacking) the Lake Worth, FL Wikipedia page?

[A lot of work has been done fixing the City's Wikipedia page. A big 'Thank You' to everyone who helped. The background is this: early last month it was discovered that misinformation and disinformation had been added to the page. For instance, the 'pastor' Olive and his Common Ground (no 's') Church nonsense was added and has since been erased/expunged from the Wikipedia page. There was also other false and misleading information that was either erased or fixed. Read on. . .the original post from June 5th follows, that's when the monkeywrenching was first discovered:]

In footnote 18 in the text of the City of Lake Worth's Wikipedia page you find this courtesy of 'Pastor' Mike Olive and his Common Ground (no 's') church:
Image from TV news segment on the false, non-story about the "crackdown" on churches in the City of Lake Worth. Lake Worth residents wondering if they live in the "former Soviet Union"?
This is the un-Christian and undeserved black eye that the 'Pastor' gave to the City of Lake Worth. All this high faux drama over the need to have his structure inspected and a fee all establishments are required to pay.

And there's more. Who changed the Zip Code?
The City's Zip Codes are 33460 and 33461. And this:
Lake Worth has a large population of new immigrants from Latin America and the Caribbean, though the downtown area has become increasingly gentrified in recent years. Some of South Florida's most attractive architecture can be found in College Park, an affluent neighborhood in the northeast corner of the city.
And these distortions and twisted facts with no footnotes or backup information:
It was revealed in the spring of 2015 that a committee was meeting behind closed doors to consider a proposal to build a convention center and private beach club at the beach, and to destroy the Olympic-sized municipal pool, the only oceanfront Olympic-size [sic] municipal pool in South Florida. 
And of our Sister Cities:
  • Lappeenranta (Finland)
  • Saint-Marc (Haiti)
  • Southend-on-Sea (England)
  • Sopot (Poland)
And this about our City Manager Michael Bornstein: "Acting"?
Anyone have an idea who is responsible for this? An editor/journalist with some spare time maybe? Just to demonstrate the lengths some will go to tarnish our City image won't do any edits but that won't stop someone else from fixing this nonsense. 

So very charming, isn't it?