Tuesday, August 4, 2015

[RE-POST, BY REQUEST] Ryan Maier, before he was a commissioner, on the crowded conditions in our neighborhoods

The video below is from the August 6, 2013 Lake Worth City Commission meeting. In light of the recent proposal by the Lake Worth Artist & Cottage Entrepreneurs (ACE) to change zoning to allow 'home occupations' in the City gives these comments by then-citizen Ryan Maier much more significance. Maier supporting an idea that will contribute to parking problems, increase traffic and require more demand for City services is at best hypocritical.

It was at this meeting when people approached the Commission with their concerns about the City not recognizing the referendum on height that was held in March of that year. In 2013, a state law was passed and called any such referenda "null and void", retroactive to June 2011. Therefore, the city charter wasn't amended and the height possible east of Federal, along Lake and Lucerne Avenues remains at 65 ft. in the land development regulations.

Here is Maier as a supporter of the height restriction talking about the conditions in his neighborhood related to property access and on-street parking. These are some of the same concerns people have about proposed changes to the home occupation ordinance that could allow the employment of others and customers visiting businesses within homes.

Below Annabeth Karson points out how her quality of life would be affected 15 blocks away from the downtown area where this additional two stories is allowed by our land development regulations.

I am seeing a disturbing disconnect between being against an incremental possibility of height in the downtown versus ignoring impacts from the intensification, increased traffic, infrastructure demands, etc. in single family neighborhoods if employees and customers were allowed as part of a home occupation code re-write.

Can someone please help me out with the logic here?