Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What happened to the "LINE OF FIRE: Bullets and Badges and Death on the Streets"?

Well, the Post's Lawrence Mower (the go-to-guy for anything negative about Sheriff Bradshaw/PBSO) is on to other things and so is NBC5/WPTV's Katie LaGrone (the big issue now is medical billing). Jack Scarola is back doing TV commercials and the Post editorial board gave it their last hurrah with some nonsense about "bias" like they're experts on the subject and they found an expert to prove it. Oh, and who can forget when the Post/WPTV went bananas over Bradshaw's video "to his troops".

A riot never did occur and PBSO went on about their jobs like they always do. The graphics departments are trying to find a place to store all that "LINE OF FIRE!" stuff and the good people who work at Walgreen's are all breathing a sigh of relief. In the end what was the point? Other than trying to damage Sheriff Bradshaw's chances for re-election?
Since then there's a continuing gang turf war in West Palm Beach, PBSO caught a terrorist before he could hurt anyone, and Greenacres merged their police department with PBSO. Now all of a sudden Bradshaw seems like a decent and reasonable guy. And so it goes.
An 8-page special insert on April 26th.
A word of caution or a subconscious wish?