Friday, June 19, 2015

[UPDATE/REPOST; A LOOK BACK] Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo—'pastor' Mike Olive's claims are absolutely false

[UPDATE: Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo is absolutely CORRECT and 'pastor' Mike Olive is absolutely WRONG: There Is No Fee To Pray in the City of Lake Worth. That 'pastor' Mike Olive finally paid his $160 Accessory Use Application. He and the Common Ground (no 's') Church story was also DEBUNKED here. Below is the original blog post:]

CBS12/WPEC's Chuck Webber shows there still some integrity and real reporters at that TV news station. He interviewed Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo and she explained, succinctly, that 'pastor' Olive is completely wrong. A Fox News reporter picked up on this ridiculous non-story and that is the reason for the story by Chuck Webber.

Here is a quote by Mayor Triolo from Chuck Webber (from the text of the story):
“This is entirely a big misunderstanding,” said Mayor Pam Triolo, in response to the Fox News article. “The city’s intention is not to penalize churches in any way, shape or form. No, there’s no fee to pray.” 
The city needs the help of its churches, [Mayor] Triolo added.
The false news story by Margaret Menge that started this non-story can be read here. Note this quote from Lake Worth City Manager Michael Bornstein:
"So, all they have to do is go through the conditional land use process to make sure the impacts have been assessed...if they're a small church, it shouldn't be a big deal."
--Lake Worth City Manager Michael Bornstein, 2/20/15, in the very last paragraph of another ridiculous 'news' story by Margaret Menge.
Here are some of the news reports that 'pastor' Mike Olive inspired, giving our little City a black eye on the national stage:

Here is a letter from William Waters, the city's Director for Community Sustainability, dated March 2, 2015 that proves conclusively that the Common Ground (no 's') Church story is a non-story:

 Thank you Chuck Webber for helping our City set the record straight.