Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[PINNED POST] The broken promises by Lake Worth Comm. Ryan Maier: Transparency and openness

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Maier standing next to JoAnn Golden the night of his election victory party (image from M. Menge's now-defunct tabloid).
In Margaret Menge's Always Free, always emotionally-charged, now-defunct tabloid, delivered for FREE to doors in College Park (Vol. 1, Issue 9, on Friday 3/13) was this account of Maier's celebration on election night on March 10th:
     "We ran a campaign on transparency," said Maier to his supporters gathered at Mamma Mia's Pizzeria at the beach on Tuesday night. "Obviously, it was so desperately needed in this city."
     "I look forward to the next two years, working hard for all of you, making this the kind of city you want it to be."
     "I am your voice in City Hall," he told them.
     Maier hugged a number of those gathered, who included former commissioners Jo-Ann Golden and Cara Jennings, and at one point, wiped his eye.
Jesus wept.

Who would have guessed just 3 months later this would happen?