Friday, June 19, 2015

More images from Lynn Anderson's charming blog: When is the media in Palm Beach County going to wake up?

The following three images are from Lynn Anderson's blog. She resides in Palm Beach County, unfortunately in one of the most tolerant cities in the entire State of Florida: Lake Worth. Her racial taunts have been going on for years and the media, including The Palm Beach Post, has been ignoring it. 
Note that Anderson taunts Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo, again.
Anderson posted this on her blog the week prior to Lake Worth's Martin Luther King, Jr. March.
Recent Klu Klux Klan imagery by Ms. Anderson.
Note below is another image from Anderson's blog. This is a prayer written for me, also a blogger in Lake Worth, by 'pastor' Mike Olive. If he's written a prayer for Lynn Anderson I will gladly publish that prayer on my blog.
A prayer for me, "In Jesus' name", by 'pastor' Mike Olive of the Common Ground (no 's') Church.