Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kevin D. Thompson, the Lake Worth NAPC, and who everyone knows in our City

That person is none other than the iconic, citizen-extraordinaire Mary Lindsey. Kevin Thompson, The Palm Beach Post beat reporter for the little City of Lake Worth, has a story in today's paper in the 'B' section, page 1 above the fold:
Photo taken by Richard Graulich, staff photographer.
This story comes on the heels of another story by Michael Readling on the community of Wellington coming together to solve their issues. Here is the graphic Mary Lindsey is holding in the photo above:
If you don't get the Post go pick up an issue or subscribe. Or you can check back tomorrow for some text of the article here. 

If opinions like the Post editorial board have an impact on your daily life you would think the world is a pretty terrible place. There are very good things happening in Palm Beach County and the Lake Worth NAPC is one of them. It's time for that editorial board to focus on what is going right in our communities instead of grabbing for the low hanging fruit.