Friday, June 19, 2015

Kevin D. Thompson: City officials in Greenacres are mad as heck [sic] about road construction delay

How mad are they? Peter Finch from 'Network' mad but "no one from the city is planning to harm anyone", the reporter ads.

Here is an excerpt from Mr. Thompson's article about the road construction delay in Greenacres:
     Unlike Finch’s [Peter Finch's famous 'Network' rant] unhinged news anchor character, no one from the city is planning to harm anyone. Still, officials are mighty upset.
     Another potential delay by Palm Beach County on the 5-year road improvement project for Haverhill Road between Melaleuca Lane and Lake Worth Road has them riled up.
     The project, scheduled to start in fiscal year 2016, might now be moved back another three years because the possible addition of wider bike lanes completely changes the project’s design and could involve buying additional right-of-way, the city said.
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