Thursday, June 18, 2015

Delray Beach, the Inspector General, TV News, and a Previous City Commission

You could substitute Lake Worth for Delray Beach in the title above for this story:
The City of Lake Worth is spending $64,000 a month for a CAPPED natural gas pipeline to nowhere (the following words can be used in describing the capped gas line, from 
Over time it's costing millions of dollars of your public tax money. Kathleen Walter at CBS12/WPEC did a news segment on May 12th about poor decisions by a previous city commission in Delray Beach. Here's an example of a poor decision by a previous city commission right here in Lake Worth. How many code enforcement officers could we get for $64,000 a month?

Here are directions for the news media: This capped gas line is located on Lake Osborne Drive. Driving south on Lake Osborne Drive it is on the east side of the road past Erie Street. If you see Griswold Drive you went too far. 

Former Commissioners JoAnn Golden and Cara Jennings could be contacted as part of the story but doubt they would care to comment. There's also a big story about wasted tax dollars at "THE BEACH!" too. How many tax dollars were wasted on that white elephant? The business plan at "THE BEACH!" is a failure and no one has been held accountable. However, we still have that happy picture when everyone was so giddy and hysterically festive right after it opened to the public. If they only knew then what we know now. . .
In the recent Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) process it was learned the original Casino complex business plan is a confirmed failure.