Friday, June 12, 2015

Lake Worth Comm. Ryan Maier, under fire in the press, defended by supporter using KKK images as distraction

Lake Worth Commissioner Ryan Maier, recently elected on a platform of transparency and respect, is defended by one of his most ardent supporters in the image above. Lynn Anderson is no stranger to taunting and racial insensitivity. Below is an image of Ms. Anderson soon after a picture of Michael Brown was released using a gang symbol:
Here are a few other images from Ms. Anderson's blog:
 And here referencing
Now she pulls out the big guns to salvage the reputation of Ryan Maier: the KKK. Note that Maier is gay. So is Commissioner Andy Amoroso who Ms. Anderson portrays in KKK garb. 

Lake Worth is one of the most tolerant and gay-friendly cities in all of Florida. It is home to Compass, has one of the largest gay pride festivals in the state, and has no issue with electing gay officials to office. Now one of Maier's biggest supporters, Ms. Anderson, portrays Vice-Mayor Scott Maxwell and Commissioner Andy Amoroso in KKK garb.

Maier needs to denounce this and quick. His recent alleged improprieties need to be answered; not distracted by racism or hatred. Having a supporter defend him using racist, sickening images is the wrong way to go. Remember, Maier claimed when elected he would be taking the high road:

And also note that The Palm Beach Post endorsed Maier for commissioner. Will be very interesting to see how they respond to this; more than likely they'll ignore it which is the same as condoning it.