Friday, May 1, 2015

It's "he said, she said" in the Town of Palm Beach (33480)

Aleese Kopf has some encouraging news, it seems our City of Lake Worth is not unique it turns out. Here from the article in the Palm Beach Daily News (aka, Shiny Sheet) titled, "Town rebuffs Midtown sand report by Coalition to Save Our Shoreline"
     The town has repeatedly said that sand pumped onto Midtown beaches meet state requirements. But the Coalition to Save Our Shoreline and others have said it’s too fine.
     A recent joint sand-sampling effort with representatives from both sides was aimed at settling the debate. But an SOS report released Saturday prompted a lengthy response from the town that takes issue with some of the SOS report’s claims.
     On April 3, five samples were taken within 200 feet of each other on Reach 4 near Seaview Avenue. Town consultant Scientific Environmental Applications tested the town’s half of those samples and independent geotechnical firm Ardaman and Associates tested the SOS half.