Wednesday, May 13, 2015

CBS12/WPEC's Lauren Hills on Lake Worth plan to sell vacant properties

Actually a fair story by Lauren Hills. She stuck to the facts of the story and there were no references to "backroom" proposals or any other nefarious activities by the City. She interviews the City's Director of Sustainability William Waters and he explains the situation quite succinctly.

Here is an excerpt of the text from the story:
     The city owns and maintains more than 20 empty lots in Lake Worth. William Waters is the director for Community Sustainability and says they don't add much to the city's appeal.
     "May [sic] become places where trash is dumped, as well as undesirable people hanging out," said Waters.
     But the city is trying to change that. They're putting the lots up for sale hoping for people to buy them and build homes or possibly parks to improve the area.
     "Put back on the city tax roll, reduce burden on the city to maintain the properties," Waters said.