Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lake Worth Herald editorial, 4/23, in its entirety

On Thursday of last week published a short excerpt of The Lake Worth Herald editorial titled, "Re-Arrange the Agenda". Public comment is near the beginning of the commission meeting and it's becoming more silly each and every week. The suggestion has been made to move public comment on items not on the agenda (non-agenda) towards the end of the meeting. Of course, comment on agenda items would continue. So here without further ado is the editorial that has some in our City pulling their hair out:

     City Attorney Glen Torcivia threw out a suggestion to re-arrange the City Commission Agenda by moving the “Commission Liaison Reports and Comments” and “Public Participation of Non-agenda Items and Consent Agenda” to take place after the business of the Commission has been completed.
     This will receive resistance from some of those attending the meetings because they will have to wait until later in the evening to have their say. There will still be public comment on each agenda item as they are being considered by the commission so it would only affect those with something to say about items the commission is not considering during the meeting, and items on the consent agenda which receive no comment or discussion. Consent agenda items for which the commission wishes discussion are pulled and made part of the meeting’s business. 
     This re-ordering of events will bring Lake Worth back to previous ordering and it is the common ordering in most other municipalities. 
     Taking care of business first will allow the commission to consider things before they are exhausted and fresher minds make better decisions. 
     Many of those who will be upset with the re-ordering are those who appear at every meeting to put on a theatrical display for the webcam and the audience in the commission chambers. They usually have nothing constructive to add to the meeting and just like to hear themselves talk. Many leave the meeting right after speaking their piece, displaying their lack of interest in the true business of the city. [emphasis added]
     Commissioners have been using the “Liaison Reports” opportunity to politic and push individual agendas, also not constructive to the meeting.
     Staff and others attending the meeting to conduct business have to hang around until everyone else has had their say. This pushes the business of the meeting back until later hours in the evening and it would be better to take care of business first and then let the theatre open. 
     Members of the audience, if it is getting too late, can submit a card and have their thoughts read into the record by the mayor. 
     It is time the business of the city comes first and show-time be icing on the cake. 
     This will upset many who think what they have to say is more important than the City’s business, or just like to take every opportunity to throw darts at commissioners. 
     There are those who must speak on every topic even if they don’t have a clue what they are talking about, and the City Commissioners and Mayor and others on the dais must sit and listen to senseless babble. 
     These commissioners were elected to do a job, and in Lake Worth, they are given little opportunity to do it. There are those who think they can do a better job but they don’t make any attempt to get elected, just sit back and throw stones. There are those who were once elected officials, now un-elected, who think they can do a better job, who just try to cause havoc on the dais. 
     Some good thought comes from the public, but it is far outweighed by senseless babble from the same lips over and over again.