Monday, April 27, 2015

From AFNS: High School Student Taking Rejection From First-Choice College In Stride As If Future Not Over

America's Finest News Service (AFNS) has this inspiring story about rejection:

     Apparently oblivious to the dire implications of the news he had just received, North Hagerstown High School senior Kevin Grant took his rejection from his first-choice college in stride as if his entire future were not over, sources confirmed Thursday.
     According to reports, the 18-year-old, who graduates in six weeks and no longer has any hope of leading a happy, fulfilling life, remains relaxed and even upbeat despite his failure to gain admittance to Tufts University, the school that represented his only chance of achieving success of any kind in life.
     “It sucks, but the good news is I did get accepted to Rutgers and Maryland, which are both really solid schools,” said Grant, somehow managing a smile even though his inability to attend his top-choice university has obliterated any possibility he will ever get into a good graduate school, embark on a satisfying career, or make enough money to support himself, let alone a family. “Tufts was probably a long shot, anyway, but I’m still glad I applied.”