Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Associated Press: "Jewish groups pull support of Holocaust exhibit"

This story appears in The Palm Beach Post on-line edition:
     Jewish leaders in Florida say they're pulling their support for a Holocaust exhibit because of its association with a North Carolina church where five members have been indicted on charges that they kidnapped and beat a man because he's gay.
     Students at Word of Faith Fellowship church in Spindale created art commemorating Holocaust victims. Ron Shelton, a retired pastor in Cocoa, Florida, is helping bring the exhibition to the Space Coast Convention Center.
     But David Pelzman, president of the Temple Beth Shalom, said Monday that he's troubled by the church's past. So are others who say they didn't know about the charges before the event was announced in January.
     Sixteen Jewish and community leaders signed an "open letter" to let people in Brevard County know their concerns. The five-day exhibition opens April 19.
Here is the website that is promoting the exhibit and here is the "official" website for the World of Faith Fellowship. This church has had its share of controversy and you can read all about that here and watch this video: