Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ms. Menge's "Szerdi" obsession and she didn't publish a Crime Blotter!

Ms. Menge's obsession with John Szerdi reached a level of absurdity you won't believe. If you thought last week was odd this week's Szerdi-thon will have you scratching your head:
  • John Szerdi is mentioned in 4 articles by Ms. Menge
  • A large front page picture above-the-fold of "Szerdi"
  • Another picture of "Szerdi" and a another "Szerdi" mention on page 3 on the St. Patrick's Parade story
With so much obsession on The "Szerdi" she didn't have time to publish a Crime Blotter!
Ms. Menge also didn't correct the misspelling of John Szerdi's wife: her name is "Jamey", not "Jamie". So much for factual reporting and professional journalism.